What is Mediation?

 Mediation is the non-adversarial alternative to a litigated divorce.  A trained, experienced mediator helps the divorcing couple work together to resolve all issues that affect their futures.   The couple works with the mediator to negotiate their own agreement, and learns techniques for resolving future differences. 

The "traditional" method of divorcing pits the parties against each other as adversaries, often leading to great personal, emotional and financial pain for everyone.  However, in mediation the divorcing couple works together with a neutral mediator to focus on common needs and goals, and to reach a fair agreement covering all issues regarding children, assets and finances.  

Maurice Segall has successully helped many couples reach a fair agreement in a private, nonadversarial setting.  As an expeienced attorney mediator, Maurice will help the couple understand the laws that affect them, and he can assist with all necessary documents from the initial divorce papers to a legally binding and detailed agreement. 




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