Advantages of Mediation


Mediation has many advantages over a "traditional" litigated divorce, allowing the divorcing couple to resolve their issues in a fair, dignified and cost-effective manner.


  • The couple has control over the process, and control over the decisions that affect your lives and the lives of your children


  • With the help of the mediator, the couple is able to make their own fully informed decisions


  • Mediation allows both parties to actively participate in the divorce process


  • Mediation emphasizes direct communication between the couple


  • Mediation is much less expensive than a traditional divorce. You're spending less time paying professionals, helping to preserve precious financial resources where they belong - with the parties and their children


  • Mediation is not only for couples who get along!  While You might certainly disagree on various issues, a  trained, experienced mediator will help guide you through the "rough patches" to help you focus on common goals


  • Mediation is confidential. Unlike a  "traditional"  divorce, where parties are often discussing (or arguing) in open court, in mediation you're discussing your personal issues in a private setting


  • Mediation does not focus on the past.  It's oriented to the present, and the future


  • Mediation helps the parties reach a fair agreement on all issues regarding finances, assets, and parenting arrangements 


  • Mediation is entirely voluntary




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